What is Project Burans?

Hope. Resilience. Compassion.

Project Burans' Goals
Project Burans is a philanthropic mental health initiative of the Emmanuel Hospital Association, the largest non-governmental provider of healthcare in India, that works to address the significant mental health problems of the Uttarakhand region. The project's goals are simple: to build knowledge, skills, and self-care for 90,000 people across three rural communities.

Our Goals While In Uttarakhand

  • Familiarise ourselves with the program, its staff and the people/community that it serves
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of a public health program in mental health, from its conception to its implementation to its fruitful results
  • Deliver a training seminar to the entire Project Burans team about 'Severe Mental Disorders', including psychosis, bipolar disorder and mental retardation, in Hindi!
  • Construct a 'toolkit' for community volunteers to carry with them during field work, to give them the necessary information at their fingertips to execute their tasks as efficiently as possible
  • Make a resource for caregivers and community volunteers which assists caregivers in best looking after their mentally unwell loved ones
  • Translate flipcharts from medical English to layman's Hindi in order for the common man or woman in the community to grasp the complexities of mental health, depression and techniques to alleviate mental illness
  • Explore further funding options for the youth mental health arm of Project Burans, which is still in its infancy, but promises great potential to truly influence the future patrons of Uttarakhand by increasing mental health literacy, building resilience to avoid illness and reducing stigma against mental illness which so often forms the barrier to help-seeking behaviour

What Does "Burans" Mean?
“Burans” is the name of a bright red flower that blooms each spring and rejuvenates the hills surrounding Uttarakhand and the Himalayas – it is a beacon of new life, abundance and hope, and it is hoped that the project offers just this to the people of Uttarakhand and beyond. Their vision is to build community mental health competence by increasing awareness, education and advocacy, reducing stigma, providing mental health services for appropriate diagnosis and treatment and expanding community based rehabilitation.

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